About Us

KSVArt, formerly known as Kutuda Sanat Var has been founded in 2017 by Sarp Süerdaş. The journey of Kutuda Sanat Var started with monthly art subscription boxes with the aim of getting everyone involved in creating art. The art boxes have provided hundreds of people over 5 years with countless new techniques and workshops. In its 5th year, Kutuda Sanat Var has decided to take its operations to a new level and get into the challenge of providing its audience with affordable art as well as art boxes. This new challenge of affordable art has been operating within Turkey for the past 2 years successfully and now Kutuda Sanat Var is re-branded as KSVArt to take its operations global. We offer unique, affordable and original art prints from talented artists and deliver globally.

What is KSVArt and what do we do?
We believe that art is a value that should be experienced and affordable by all ages, demographics, taste, in short everyone. The moment art is labelled with luxurious and unaffordable prices, the whole process of creation starting from the production of it gets stuck to a niche, limited and inaccessible corner. It creates the false perception that art can only be consumed by certain people and demographics of certain income level. However, from the beginning of time art has always been one of the basic needs of human kind and a unhindered one at that. How can something so humane, so natural can be defined as luxury?

What does KSVArt bring to the table?
KSVArt sets a fixed price for the two sizes of prints offered by eliminating the limited edition nature of prints and signatures by artists, thus leveling the field for all artwork in its collection. Thanks to the great dedication and support of participating artists, you are able to choose from more than 450 artworks at very reasonable prices. By doing so, KSVArt aims to get the young generations interested in experiencing art in their living spaces at an early age, rather than waiting years to be able to afford an artwork that they like.

What makes KSVArt unique?
We build a Win-Win-Win relationship with our artists and customers. By taking the amazing artworks of talented artists worldwide and presenting it to a broader audience, we give our artists a chance in the global scene; provide you with a brand new edition of unique artworks and build a strong platform for newcomer artists to showcase their work.